Gym Tutorial: The Frozen Lake

In this article, we are going to learn how to create and explore the Frozen Lake environment using the Gym library, an open source project created by OpenAI used for reinforcement learning experiments. The Gym library defines a uniform interface for environments what makes the integration between algorithms and environment easier for developers. Among many ready-to-use environments, the default installation includes a text-mode version of the Frozen Lake game, used as example in our last post.

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Introduction to Reinforcement Learning: the Frozen Lake Example

Let’s understand how Reinforcement Learning works through a simple example. Let’s play a game called The Frozen Lake. Suppose you were playing frisbee with your friends in a park during winter. One of you threw the frisbee so far that it has dropped in a frozen lake. Your mission is to walk over the frozen lake to get the frisbee back, but taking caution to not fall in a hole of freezing water.

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